A glioblastoma is type of cancerous brain tumour.

Despite securing a medical school place the I do still want to continue volunteering at my local hospice which I have been doing for over 2 years now. It has been a very rewarding experience and helped me to develop a lot of skills. Every so often, during my volunteering I meet an interesting patient who makes me think about things a little deeper. So today I would like to share the case of a new patient at the hospice.

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The exams are looming over us now and revision is pestering us for attention. With Easter just round the bend we must all get our act together ready to pull it out of the bag for these exams. No matter what stage you’re at, GCSEs, A-levels…these exams sure matter and revision needs to be turned up at its max over these final few weeks. So how exactly can you revise?

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By Dr. Sujay Kansagra

My body jolts awake to a familiar sound. After a few blind swipes, my blows hit their target, and once again, there is silence. The air in the room is cool and crisp, and every fiber of my being wants me to remain in the welcoming warmth under the covers. It is Saturday morning. On any other Saturday of my life, I would be waking only when my body is ready. But this month is different. My body no longer calls the shots. Continue reading


With Emma (Balloons & The Brain)

What mental illness do you have?

General anxiety disorder, recurrent depression and borderline personality disorder.

2 years ago I received the official diagnosis of GAD and recurrent depression – these were of no surprise. I always had the symptoms of anxiety, just never knew exactly what was going on or that it was an actual disorder. Depression, I have had mild bouts of on and off for as long as I can remember. Borderline personality disorder came as a surprise but it explained so many things of why I am who I am that it was actually a relief. Continue reading