Water is essential for life. As a major constituent of the body, it has many vital functions. We all  know that drinking water is amazing for our bodies, but why is it that 75% of the population are still dehydrated?  I’ve recently started trying to drink more water so naturally I wanted to find out what good this extra fluid could do for me. As I was reading I thought why not share it to encourage more people to drink more water!

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I think a piece about the heart is due seeing as Valentine’s Day has just passed us. Isn’t the heart a fascinating organ. I mean thinking about it really, it’s just sat there inside you faithfully pumping blood for you, your entire life. Every other organ takes a break every once in a while, even our brains when we go to sleep, but our hearts are constantly working at it. And then one day when they decide they’ve had enough, that’s it…we’re gone! Continue reading